Bridal Couture

"Our wedding was amazing, absolutely perfect! And of course my dress was INCREDIBLE!!!!! I will forever be grateful to you!"


“Loyce immediately set me at ease with her jubilant personality and professionalism. It was such a pleasure to work with such a caring, fun, and professional person who was full of great advice, perspective, and insight when it comes to not only weddings, but life itself. Thank you Loyce!!”


“I walked into Grace Bridal Couture and within the first 15 minutes of meeting the owner/designer, Loyce, I knew I’d found the place. I owe so many thanks to Loyce.”


“However, the best thing that Loyce did was create the dress of my dreams. When I tried on my dress at my final fitting, all I could say was that it was EXACTLY what I wanted. It was perfect. Loyce not only understood my dream, she shared it with me. Thanks Loyce!”


“Take advantage of the moment to have a truly custom, just for you experience that will result in the wedding dress of your dreams.”


“I could immediately tell that she loved creating and designing wedding gowns and that this wasn't just another job for her; but rather something through which her enthusiasm and creativity prevailed.”


“Your attention to the details and your dedication to your client is a must! BRAVO you are a total PRO with an artistic creative side that makes your dresses unique and fairy tale like!”


“I was also lucky to be able to schedule a couple work trips to the LA area and was able to meet Loyce in person and get a proper fitting! My experience was better that I expected and I would recommend Grace to anyone who is looking for the perfect dress!”


“She carefully guided me thru the process of creating my dream wedding gown. Loyce was fun and innovative to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed the creative journey we went on together. My dress couldn't have been more perfect! My wedding day was more than perfect, it was a dream come true. Thank you Loyce!!”


“I know I must have caused her a great deal of stress but she never let on that my indecision was a problem and she was always very understanding. Thank you, Loyce, for saving the day and making me look fabulous in spite of myself! I highly recommend Loyce to all my fellow Bridezillas out there!”


“By the end of our first meeting, I knew and felt that she understood my vision of what I wanted my dream gown to look like. But more importantly, that she was able to create it... and create it at a price I could afford. Thank you Loyce... it was unforgettable!”


“During the whole process of designing my dress, Loyce and Sara made me feel so special. Grace Couture goes Above and Beyond!!!! For their clients. Loyce, thank you for making my dream come true. You are the best!”


“Loyce was there to help dress and prepare me for my walk down the aisle. My mother passed away so she provided me with the caring and comfort a bride would need. When saw the look on my husband’s face, I knew that all of her work was stunning.”