Bridal Couture

Nikki Tuazon Taylor

I feel very blessed to have fallen into Loyce’s hands. I bought my dream dress online, but was at a loss for whom to entrust it with to make it FIT like a dream too! I had called a place I randomly found online, and they said they did not do alterations anymore, but referred me to Grace which they said does beautiful work and also custom designed gowns. Loyce immediately set me at ease with her jubilant personality and professionalism. She assured me that the utmost care would be taken with my dress and that we would keep having fittings until it was tailored to my specifications. If that wasn’t enough, she helped me find the proper undergarments, had it done way before the deadline I set, pressed it, and showed me how to pack it when I took it on the plane with me to Key West!!! It was such a pleasure to work with such a caring, fun, and professional person who was full of great advice, perspective, and insight when it comes to not only weddings, but life itself. Thank you Loyce!!