Bridal Couture

Grace Bridal Couture also provides a specialty services for family heirloom and vintage wedding gowns.

Treasured heirloom gowns are handled with care, and can be restyled, altered or updated with impeccable attention to detail and a flawless fit and finish.

We updated this family heirloom gown to make it modern and to reflect the bride’s personal style.

“My dress came out absolutely AMAZING... and more beautiful than anything I could have imagined! It was so incredibly special for me to get married in the same dress my mom wore 30 years prior when she married my dad; and my grandmother 32 years before her. Thank you for giving us that gift!!! ~ Carie Pearce

Right photo: Carie’s mother married in 1978 in her mom’s wedding gown. At the bottom: Carie’s grandmother married in 1946 in the same wedding gown Carie chose to wear for her wedding day.


A lead time of 4 to 8 weeks is appropriate. Please allow additional time for beadwork and crystals.