Bridal Couture

Cassady Glass Hastings

Our wedding was amazing, absolutely perfect! And of course my dress was INCREDIBLE!!!!! I cannot tell you the number of people I had tell me that I was the most beautiful bride they had ever seen! People just couldn’t get over my dress!!!!! And you should have seen Andrew’s face, he could hardly stand up. He was caught on camera saying, “Oh my God! Wow!” several times! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I felt like a million bucks!!!

What could be better than having a dress designed and tailored specifically for you? Well, I’ll tell you: Having your dressmaker and her mother be attentive, caring, supportive women whom you want to share in your special day. Loyce, you created my dream dress. The dress that made me feel like a princess and made my grandmother say I looked like Grace Kelly and feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. The dress that made my husband go physically go weak in the knees and utter “Wow” for almost 5 minutes! Your knowledge of dress design, fabric choice, wedding day practicalities and women’s unique body types enable you to create more than just a dress, you create an experience, from beginning to end. Thank you for giving me the honor or benefiting from your creativity and endless hard work. I will forever be grateful to you!