Bridal Couture

Maria Kohic Guignard

I am not a woman who grew up dreaming of her perfect wedding day. I never had a pre-conceived idea of what my wedding dress should look like. And, during my almost one year engagement, I never even opened a bridal magazine. The only thing that was certain was that my wedding ceremony was going to take place in the middle of a temperate rain forest, so a conventional wedding dress would not do. I came to know of Loyce as a result of high high praise that came from two of my closest friends, both of whom had worked with Loyce. And am I glad that they let me in on this gem! From start to finish, Loyce was a pleasure. She respected both my design ideas as well as my budget.

She also gently guided me towards fabrics or cuts that would enhance my figure and result in a more beautiful wedding dress. And, from the reaction of my wedding guests, I'd say that the result was more than I had hoped for. So, whether you are the kind of woman who knows exactly what she wants or if you are a woman who only has a vague idea, you will love working with Loyce. She is the master and you will be her muse. Take advantage of the moment to have a truly custom, just for you experience that will result in the wedding dress of your dreams.