Bridal Couture

Alycia R. Murphy

Where do I begin? The experience at Grace was one that will never be forgotten. I came to know Loyce through 2 very good friends in college who had their wedding gowns made by her, as well as my bridesmaids dress for one of the weddings.

When my wedding date was set, I called Loyce immediately! I had so many ideas of what I wanted and I am very picky — I knew there was no way I could buy the dress that I had in mind. So, I realized my gown would have to be custom made. I turned to Grace Bridal. When I think of Grace, I think of family. You have Loyce the designer and Mom. What could we do without Mom? They are honest, sincere and work great as a team. Their knowledge and experience are invaluable. I must not leave out fun to work with! Loyce was very patient with my occasional indecisiveness and would always keep me “on point” to the dress I had envisioned.

Loyce truly perfected my vision of a “different” and classy wedding. Not only did she create a masterpiece from my many thoughts. She accommodated 6 different schedules for my bridesmaids to design individual and unique styles for each of them. She is a designer extraordinaire!

The tear that my husband shed as I made my GRAND ENTRANCE on this walk of a lifetime confirmed that the gown was a work of art.