Bridal Couture

Bernadette Manning Perfect

I had purchased my dream wedding dress out-of-state and hadn’t a clue who to go to for alterations within the LA area. I ended up doing a search online and found Grace’s website. The pictures on the site were utterly breathtaking and there was just something about Grace that "spoke" to me so I finally decided to book an appointment the following week. Although still very nervous to leave my baby (dress) in the hands of another who would care for it as much as I did, I walked into Grace Bridal Couture and within the first fifteen minutes of meeting the owner / designer, Loyce, I knew I’d found the place. When I first arrived Loyce greeted me with a big strong hug and somehow all my fears and reservations completely melted away. Looking around Grace it was obvious to me that I’d just entered a very magical kingdom… one where Loyce was my fairy godmother who was there to help make me the beautiful princess I’d always dreamed of being when I walked down the isle toward my beloved prince!! From the start of the whole process to the very end I felt completely at ease with Loyce. She made my dress look absolutely beautiful on me and took the time to constantly calm my nerves when it seemed that I couldn’t take any more of the stress of planning a wedding. Practically every dress appointment I found myself staying after just to soak in some of Loyce’s calming energy and eternal wisdom (which goes far beyond her wonderful talent for designing dresses). On my wedding day, my dress was perfect in every way… just as I had imagined. I owe so many thanks to Loyce of Grace Bridal for making my wedding day and all the time leading up to it such a special time for me.