Bridal Couture

Isabelle Chauffeton-Engelhart

Where do I begin...

I am French, living in Florida and have waited many years before saying the big Yes.

To me if I was to get married one day it was to be in France my home country, if possible in one of these 15th or 16th or 18th century castle in the countryside where I was born, surrounded by my beloved family and of course with the PERFECT dress. A dress that would fit in the décor, a dress which style I saw myself wearing in a past life regression - ok, I’m going too far - but true! Something very 17th or 18th century.

When I was ready I bought all the books, magazines, surfed everywhere, went home to France to the “famous” bridal couture places and after 4 months I still hadn’t found MY dress. Everything I was looking at seemed too simple, too complicated, too classic, too “be there done that”, or too tacky, always too something but always lacking of the spark that would have made MY dress.

Then one day I surfed again on the net using some more precise keywords such as “custom, couture, vintage, original, unique” and landed on Loyce’s website and these words characterize very well her style!

The second I went on the dresses page with the photos and clicked, I said - that’s it, that’s EXACTLY IT!

From that moment it was euphoria until I said to myself - Great! She is in L. A. , I am in Orlando and I am getting married in France - that is not going to work to make the dress and do the fittings etc.

That is counting without Loyce’s professionalism and dedication!

Because Ladies, distance DOES NOT matter.

Loyce sent me a chart for me to take my measurements, I sent it back to her, she made a first “quick” dress off of it, I went ONCE to L. A. as I had the occasion to do so on a week end. I fitted my “quick” dress ONCE and it was almost perfect already. From there Loyce and her Mom worked on making the real dress and when I received it FED-EX and tried it on, it was fitting to the T.

Loyce, You are the Best and I hope your business is going to grow and that you’ll be even more successful because you deserve it. Your attention to the details and your dedication to your client is a must! BRAVO you are a total PRO with an artistic creative side that makes your dresses unique and fairy tale like!

PS: Even the my French friends were jealous of the dress. They all asked where I bought it?! They thought it was coming from a haute-couture Parisian store or something like that!