Bridal Couture

Cheryl Williams

Loyce is amazing! She can copy any gown you see in a magazine. With so many options, I went a little crazy, changing my mind every week and finally settling on a design of my own creation, covered with ruffles and lace. Throughout the whole ordeal, Loyce was incredibly patient. She did everything she could to help me “see” my vision, pinning and tucking the fabric at fittings to show me what different options would look like. She also encouraged me to bring a friend with a camera to fittings to take pictures. Unfortunately, it was looking at one of those pictures that made me decide I didn’t like all those frills and ruffles after all - and just a few weeks before the wedding! But Loyce came to the rescue and produced a stunning, beaded, mermaid sheath that was incredibly flattering on me! Everyone at the wedding couldn’t rave enough about my gown. One woman even told me it was the most beautiful dress she’d ever seen! I know I must have caused her a great deal of stress but she never let on that my indecision was a problem and she was always very understanding. Thank you, Loyce, for saving the day and making me look fabulous in spite of myself! I highly recommend Loyce to all my fellow Bridezillas out there!