Bridal Couture

LaShon (Hayes) Gilbreath

Let me see, where do I begin?

First let me say that Loyce and her mom (Sara) were truly a blessing!!!!!!

A month after I set my wedding date, I started my wedding plans. The most important was how I wanted to look on the most joyful day of my life. I went to bridal boutiques and subscribed to many bridal magazines, the more I looked through the magazines the more the dresses started to look alike and I did not want to look like every other bride. After I got an idea of exactly what I wanted I decided to search on the Internet for dress designers. I met with several designers and I mean several! Most of them were too expensive, couldn’t capture my vision, or just didn’t make me feel comfortable. The more I met with designers the more frustrated I got, so I tried a different approach on the Internet. I did a search for custom couture and landed on Grace Couture website. I thought to myself, this is probably another too expensive, can’t capture my vision, uncomfortable designer.

After looking at Grace’s website a million times I decided to call. I figured what the heck! So, I made that call left a message and Loyce called me right back. I explained to her what I wanted, she asked when is your wedding? I said September 4, 2004 she laughed and said you want your dress now? It was November 6, 2003 when I called her. She said, girl “It doesn’t take me that long to make a dress”. She was so pleasant, I scheduled an appointment.

When I walked into Grace Couture I immediately got a warm welcome feeling. I showed Loyce pictures of three different dresses I wanted designed into one. She studied the pictures and understood exactly what I wanted. We talked for over an hour about the muslin fittings, different fabrics and each and every detail of the dress. She even gave me the history on wedding gowns and veils. When I left Grace I had a big sigh of relief - my worries were over!! My prayer was answered!!! I couldn’t wait to tell my sisters and mom about Loyce.

On my wedding day Loyce was there to help me get dressed. When the Bridezilla was about to come out of me she helped me stay calm. The moment I walked down the aisle all I could hear was Whoa! Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh! Oh my god! .

Yes! My dress was Gorgeous, Sexy and Elegant.

During the whole process of designing my dress, Loyce and Sara made me feel so special. I trusted in them like I’ve known them for years. Grace Couture goes Above and Beyond!!!! For their clients.

Loyce, thank you for making my dream come true. You are the best!