Bridal Couture

Barbara A. Powell-Gambrell, M. D

Let all who dream of a bridal gown that elevates your expectations well beyond your greatest imagination; choose Loyce of Grace bridal couture.

She’s not just your designer… she is a warm, caring, talented lady who has been trained by the best from the couture fashion industry in France. Her work is exquisite and has created gowns for brides all over the world through a referral base that would knock your socks off in the who’s who of society magazines!

My story began when I became exasperated with internet searches and bridal shows that were just not providing me with the gown I wanted. In fact, I had almost resorted to acquiring a gown to have it altered with lace and beading when Loyce came into my life through a referral of course, and took all of my worries away because she did one thing… she listened. She was able to find a gown that I described from her extensive files, which suited my needs and desires of my heart. I think all brides have a picture of what they might look like on their wedding day and when she emailed me the picture, I said ‘that’s it!’

Most designers want to do their own thing and promote their ideas but, Loyce works with you as a team and we created a similar gown and cathedral train that was fabulous! At least my guests and bridal party thought so.

Anyway, I was so excited to begin my fittings when I fell ill with pneumonia three months before my wedding date. I was bedridden for six weeks and my original measurements and wedding timetable had changed. The intricate design with the French Alencon lace all had to be reconfigured again. I knew that I was not her only client but she made me feel as if I were. Loyce literally had to do all-nighters to finish the cutting AND beading of my gown and train. I really don’t know how she accomplished this enormous task but our prayers were answered!

You must understand that while she created gowns she assisted me with the details of the ceremony and reception site as well. I’m a physician and had no time to waste from my practice and planning an event of this magnitude on my own. Her personal attention calmed me as the wedding day approached.

Loyce was there to help dress and prepare me for my walk down the aisle. My mother passed away so she provided me with the caring and comfort a bride would need. When I appeared before 350 guests and saw the look on my husband’s face, I knew that all of her work was stunning. She had created a princess bride and I will never be able to thank Loyce enough for this experience.