Bridal Couture

Mrs. Diane Walder-Groomes

In Search of That Exquisite Wedding Dress

Like you, I happened upon the Grace web site and left it where I found it. It would take months, divine intervention and a walk on the wild side to get me to the magic and artistry of Grace Bridal Couture. If you’re looking for a wedding dress for a fairy tale wedding, Grace and its designer can design and make that dress for you! You see, I know...

Like many brides-to-be, I was looking for a wedding dress made for a princess-diva; something that said I was more than a real estate attorney. After searching high and low — going to designer boutiques, outlets, and dressmakers who could not show me how my 8 feet train would be bustled because they did not know. I again happened upon the Grace website thinking those wedding gowns were so beautiful and elegant, that "I could not possibly afford to have my dress made by this company because. I promised my fiancé that I would stay within our budget! I drove all over Los Angeles, the valley and beyond. Checked out designers in New York, New Orleans and everywhere else I happened to be looking look for the dress of my dreams.

If you’re in search of something unique too, read on! The dress of my dreams that I envision could not be found already made. I finally, realized that it would have to be made and it would take expertise — which I soon discovered was not readily available. Contemplating, how on earth do you find someone you can trust to make your wedding dress for the most important day your life. A miracle, my phone rang. My friend says I have a wedding dress designer for you. " "Here’s the number. Just give Loyce a call. " Loyce turned out to be Grace Bridal Couture. And, the rest is history.

Grace Bridal gave me what I asked for and more than I could have envisioned at a price I could afford after all! So, if you’re looking for a designer who can deliver, Loyce is the designer who can make your dreams come true. Tell her, show her what you want, and she will make it happen. The custom made process inspires confidence at the regularly scheduled fittings of your muslin sample. You see what you’re getting right from the start! The talent and creativity of Grace Bridal can be seen in the finished product and her attention to details. Loyce creates a gown that is uniquely you. My wedding gown that she designed for me was simply exquisite. It exceeded my vision and expectations.

The service you get at Grace extends beyond the design, purchase and sale of a gown. On my wedding day, Loyce and her "A" team — (Mom) Sara came to the beautiful gothic cathedral to help me get into my incredible wedding gown. From the church to the wedding reception they helped bustle my 8-foot train before my husband and I had made our grand entrance. They shared in my joy and delight on day and helped me manage my stress throughout the process.

What Grace gives to a bride-to-be is absolutely priceless!

Not only do you get a fabulous dress for the bride that you will be, but you’ll also get a lot of love and laughs in the process. And, as anyone who has been through wedding planning 101 can tell you, you will certainly need all the love and laughs that you can get!

May you have much love through a beautiful journey called life and wear an exquisite gown made by Grace on your wedding day!