Bridal Couture

Lissette Martinez-Lee

I would like to thank you with all my heart and soul for my beautiful wedding dress. When I first looked at your website I wasn’t even engaged yet, but I was just looking at wedding gowns just for the fun of it. I saved your website on my favorites because I loved the wedding dress designs. Two years later and after 2 months of visiting wedding shops, I didn’t know where to look anymore. I was stressed and depressed that all the dresses I had tried on looked horrible on me and cost a fortune and needed much altering. Unfortunately my computer pick up a virus and I had lost the website information for Grace. I couldn’t remember the name of the place or anything, but luckily a few months later I found the paper I had printed out with her name and address in an old school text book. Immediately logged on to the website and was very relieved and excited to see that Grace was still there. I called and made an appointment. I spoke to Loyce who was so sweet and professional, unlike all the other designers I had encountered. She just made me feel like I was special. My wedding gown that Grace created for me was so beautiful and exactly what I wanted. As we got down to the wire, Loyce was so kind to designed dresses for my mother and my two aunts. They all loved their dresses and received so many complaints. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Loyce thank you to you and to your mother for having been so wonderful to my whole family in such a stressful and exciting time of my life.