Bridal Couture

Erin Rivero (formerly Steele)

First, let me say — Well it was a fabulous wedding, and I am now Erin Rivero :-) The dress, veil, and garter were perfect, and I milked every minute of the wedding day! You were right — it would not have been a complete ensemble without that veil! I want to thank you so much for calling me right before the wedding (I think you called on the rehearsal evening) — I can't tell you enough how much your personal touch has meant to me as a customer. It is refreshing, not to mention an incredibly delightful comfort as a bride. My mom and I want to reiterate what an outstanding experience we had working with you.

Secondly, Loyce Wheatley is phenomenal; she is professional, warm, detail-oriented, financially reasonable, and extremely conscientious about both her product and her customer. In addition, my mother sings her praises! Working with Loyce to create my dream wedding gown was a magical experience. After pouring over hundreds of gowns, I knew exactly what I wanted, and knew that it didn't exist. Loyce brought my vision to life. I showed up with pictures of gowns, pieced together to create a two dimensional picture that Loyce translated into a three dimensional work of art. Loyce's expertise was evident throughout the entire process — beginning to end — from helping me choose a fabric appropriate for my vision and skin tone, to predicting my weight loss in the week leading up to the wedding. Loyce even went out of her way to contact me the day before the wedding to wish me well. That was just priceless.

The time and care she takes in creating gowns is exceeded in the time and care she takes in ensuring customer satisfaction with a personal touch.

My mother and I so thoroughly enjoyed working with Loyce; she truly understands how precious and priceless these experiences are. We cannot recommend her enough.