Bridal Couture

Stephanie Roth

I went to a number of bridal salons in my search for the perfect dress. I finally found one Vera Wang dress that I liked, but was put off by the saleslady’s description of the alternations needed to fit the dress to my petite frame. All told, the alterations would add another $1500 in alterations on top of the $4000 price tag and no one could guarantee me that the dress would fit perfectly and be comfortable.

It was this frustrating experience that drove me to look into having a dress custom made. What impressed me most about Loyce was that she rejected my initial ideas, telling me that my idea wouldn’t be the most flattering for my body type. I knew then that I was in the right place and that Loyce would make sure that I looked my absolute best on my wedding day.

The process of working with Loyce was extremely pleasant. Loyce literally spent hours with me talking about potential designs and fabrics. Later, when we were working with the first model of the dress, Loyce and her mom were amazingly patient and helpful. Throughout the course of five fittings, Loyce worked with me to develop design elements that made my dress and veil unlike anything you could buy at a store.

On the day of my wedding, I felt like a princess. The dress was everything that I hoped for – beautiful, unique, comfortable, romantic, and perfectly suited to the style of our day. I had at least a dozen guests come up to me during the day to say that they’d never seen a dress fit better or be more flattering. I kept my dress on all night, including through our after party at the hotel bar, because it was so wonderful I wanted to wear it as long as I possibly could!

I highly recommend that any frustrated bride at least take the time to sit with Loyce for half an hour to learn more about the process of creating a wedding gown. It was truly one of the best decisions that I made!

You are the best and thanks again.