Bridal Couture

Courtney Connolly

I want to sincerely thank you for helping to make my wedding so memorable. It all started with the search for my wedding dress and ended with a new friend and so many wonderful memories in between. My mom and I always looked forward to our visits with you and had so much fun talking about the dress, marriage and life in general. Your words of wisdom will stay with me forever and always put a smile on my face when I recall them coming from you.

When we first sat down with you it was after visiting six different dress stores and I was so discouraged that I hadn't found anything I liked. Up until that point I hadn't thought about having my dress custom made, but I thought it was worth a meeting anyway since I didn't have any luck at the boutiques. What I realized after talking to you for only a few minutes was that I had a very specific idea of what my dress should look like and you were the perfect designer to create it.

I truly appreciate your attention to detail and desire and ability to attain perfection. You were always so accommodating whether it was in regards to the details of the dress or a meeting time, you made all my wishes come true. Even when I didn't come straight out and say my opinion on something, somehow you knew exactly what I was thinking, said it for me, then went to work to make sure I was happy. I'd like to think I was an easy bride to work with, but I think the truth is you were the easy person to work with and made the process go so smoothly.

I knew fairly early on in the process that I was lucky to meet you and have you making my wedding dress for me. But it wasn't until my wedding day that I realized how lucky I was. It was so meaningful to have you there with me getting ready, by my side through the photos, getting ready to walk down the aisle and making sure everything was perfect for my grand entrance. You were by my side every moment I needed help and nowhere to be found when things were going smoothly. You went above and beyond all my expectations and made me feel like a princess in a beautiful dress.

Thank you for creating my dream wedding dress and becoming a dear friend all at once.