Bridal Couture

Victoria Chomicz

My husband James and I just wanted to send you a sincere letter of thanks for all your help in making our wedding day very beautiful. Even two months after the wedding, we still hear from our friends and family how beautiful our ceremony was and how it was the best wedding they had ever attended.

Being on a budget for our wedding, I searched high and low for a quality dress at a good price. After being disappointed with the quality of dresses offered at the chain bridal shops, I decided to look for a good deal on-designer dress samples offered at smaller boutiques. After searching for 3months, I finally found the perfect dress by the Australian designer Mariana Hardwick, in a style that had been previously discontinued. Unfortunately,the dress was 2 sizes too big, and would require substantial alterations. I was able to get this $4000 dress for $1732 out the door, but soon realized how difficult it would be to have it altered properly.

After I found the perfect dress, I realized very quickly that it would be difficult to find a knowledgeable and professional seamstress to do the alterations. Because the fabric was very expensive Duchess Silk Satin and the dress had heavy ruching and a bit of damage at the seams, I was concerned that it would be too difficult for most tailors to handle. I spent a lot of time researching tailors that offered wedding dress alterations,and was very disappointed. It wasn't until I found your website that I began to have hope.

When I called Loyce, she immediately put me at ease and we set up an appointment. From the time I first met Loyce, she was very confident that she could alter the dress using correct technique and was very professional every step of the way. Your recommendations from the type of shoe to wear,the length of veil, how to wear my hair and even what to wear underneath the dress were priceless — Your experience really showed, and because I was doing a lot of the planning on my own, your confidence made it very easy for me to make decisions based on your recommendations.

The day of the final fitting, I was very concerned because my weight had fluctuated since the last fitting, and I was afraid the dress would be too tight. But I guess you had planned for that too, because the dress fit perfectly! Also, the veil you suggested was beautiful and really complimented the dress very well.

It wasn't until the day of the wedding that I really understood the value of having you as my designer and the bonus of being an expert seamstress was priceless. Because you had worked with my maid of honor to show her how to bustle up the train, she was able to do it easily and I was able to be very comfortable the entire day of the wedding because of your recommendations for undergarments, hair, shoes and veil.

I can't thank you enough for everything you did and for helping us to create our perfect wedding. You really went out of your way to help me and I thank you so much for all of your efforts!Without any reservations, I feel very comfortable with your services and will definitely recommend you to all our friends and family. If you have any clients that are interested in hearing about my experience, please ask them to contact me directly at

Sincerely & All the best!