Bridal Couture

Francine Bottinelli

I had the most beautiful gown. It was absolutely perfect. All thanks to Loyce.

You see, I dreamt about my wedding gown long before I was ever engaged, the night after my first date with the man who would become my husband three years later. You can't very well ignore a dream like that, so it was necessary to have my gown designed exactly to my specifications.

The process was so much fun. Loyce was great and super friendly and her mother Sarah was such a sweetheart. The amount of work and detail she put into my gown was so impressive that the price of it made me feel like I was robbing her. Loyce found the most beautiful embroidery pattern for me when I was at a complete loss for ideas. She chose the most beautiful samples for the green underskirt on my gown. After very little communication and discussion she developed a very clear image of the gown of my dreams. My gown was done in a very timely manner. I could not have been happier.

My wedding was in the woods with nothing manmade in sight. Our guest stood under the trees near a creek with a view of a Chumash cave to witness our marriage. My gown blended right into the scenery, white, with leafy green vines embroidered down the back of the gown and weaving right down to the earth under my feet. Nothing could be more perfect.

Thank you Loyce!