Bridal Couture

Tricia Tahara

When I walked into the Grace atelier a scant few months before my wedding, I was feeling overwhelmed, fat and ready to elope. I was greeted by a diminutive, calming force who is now known to me as Loyce. I plopped down in one of her comfy chairs and scattered by books, pieces of fabric, scraps of paper and ribbons from the invitations all over, and began to express what I wanted. What I wanted was not exactly traditional, and I was braced for resistance or a lack of comprehension of the concept, but what I got was genuine enthusiasm, a willingness to hear the ideas, but no fear in giving her honest appraisal. I looked up into her big, kind eyes, and for reasons beyond my understanding, I just knew, in that instant, that everything was going to be all right. I could see that I had been lucky enough to find a true artist by looking at the beautiful work hanging all around me, but her ability to sprinkle her magic dust while staying tuned into the bride at hand (me) is a rare gift. Later, I met her mom (Sara), and as my family was all on the east coast, the two of them became my family here. Throughout my experience at Grace, they were forgiving when I was flaky, honest when some aspect of the vision was off the mark, funny when I needed to laugh and ultimately gave me the absolute dress of my dreams.

When I walked down the aisle, I was told I looked like a cover of a bridal magazine because everything was slightly unusual, yet so perfectly right. That day I felt comfortable, yet exquisite. I am convinced that Loyce’s work on my wedding ensemble was her best work, and that is the mark of an exceptional designer — because I am certain that every single bride she’s worked with is convinced of the same thing.

Thank you Loyce.