Bridal Couture

Jordan Peabody (Fuqua)

I’ve never known a bride-to-be that didn’t plan to lose weight and/or drop a few dress sizes before their wedding. In fact, for me, it was just another part of the wedding planning process. Four to five weeks before my wedding day, I dropped 6 dress sizes. Of course I was thrilled but at the same time I was worried about the extensive alterations that would have to be made to my dress. Other than having a bridesmaid dress taken up, I didn’t have much experience with “alterations” but I had been told that the work that needed to be done to my dress would most likely result in an awkward, droopy and lifeless gown. The very things I loved about the Marisa gown — simple but elegant with a bodice encircled with beaded embroidery in a jeweled pattern was also what would make the alterations difficult, labor-intensive and time-consuming.

When my dress arrived from the designer, I immediately went to meet with Loyce of Grace designs. This was the first sign of reassurance. After 2 fittings and a few weeks time, I tried on my dress for the last time before the wedding. To my surprise and many others I imagine, it was a perfect fit. The alterations were flawless and it was nearly impossible to tell that the beaded and embroidered bodice had been removed, cut and sewn back on the dress to fit the new and appropriate dimensions of the gown that was close to half of the original size. I was thrilled and very pleased with the outcome but must admit I did cringe a bit when it was time to make the payment (although I knew it was worth every penny). Again, to my surprise, the cost was 4 times less than what I had expected and what other bridal specialists had quoted me. I can’t say enough positive things about Grace designs. They exceeded my expectations 10 fold. I feel confident in saying that there are few, if any, bridal designers that can guarantee quality at this level. The affordable cost puts this designer in a league of her own.