Bridal Couture

Lisa Harrison

I was choosing the most important dress I would ever wear. What a lot of pressure. I searched five cities high and low: Los Angeles, Atlanta, Savannah, San Diego and Las Vegas. I kept finding dresses I liked, but I never had that “ah-ha, this is the one” revelation. I kept saying to myself, “If only this one were a little different, if only that one had beaded straps.” Two different friends suggested that I have my dress custom made. “How would I find someone?” I asked. They both recommended someone they knew would help me create my dream dress. Coincidentally, they both recommended Loyce!

I was already cutting it close to my wedding date in June, but Loyce put all my fears to rest. On my very first appointment, she laid out a full plan of attack. We sat down together to discuss my preferences, figured out away to integrate my great-grandmother’s silver crystal vintage buttons from her bridal gown, and incorporate them into the design. She set up regular weekly appointments so I knew my dress would be ready on my big day. Loyce even scheduled a special appointment when my mother would be in town, so she could help with some of the final details. It was so great how she included my Mom in the process. Needless, to say my dress was one I could have only found in my dreams. It was everything I wanted, with no compromise. On my wedding day, I felt like every bride should, like a princess. Having Loyce design my dress was the most enjoyable part of my wedding preparation. Because of her, I will always love my wedding dress and the way I felt that special day.